Our wish and philosophy

The type of diseases has been changed tremendously in the modern society. Several diseases such as cancer, heart disease, brain disease, autoimmune disorders (atopic dermatitis, hay fever) and mental illness such as depression have been increased rapidly because of the change of life styles.

It is said that one of the factor is the life environment of predominant state of sympathetic nerve caused by the stressful society and it makes human body temperature lower.

One of the solutions is a western medicine but I suggest that it would be another solution if we raise our body temperature one degree centigrade.Sparkling HOT TAB is created in order to contribute to the health and longevity for the nation by raise body temperature in inexpensive and easy/simple way at home.

Natural carbonated springs in Nauheim in Germany where I stayed to build a factory for the photograph tablet gave me the first clue. I wondered how I could make a simple and enjoyable household bath salt with the same effect as natural carbonated springs which had warm effect and was used for medical care facilities in Germany.

I have started development of the carbonate bath salt after retired. Focused on PH of natural carbonated spring, combining bicarbonate and citric acid, which no one could implement, I succeeded in development a PEG micro capsule granulation technology which make carbon dioxide bubble in neutral status then change it to bicarbonate ion in hot water. Finally, we could commercialize the bath salt as good as natural carbonated spring in Bad Nauheim and Nagayu Onsen in Oita-ken.

As an inventor, I am very pleased to receive a lot of letters of compliments from many customers unexpectedly since bicarbonate tablet has released in 2009.

Our corporate philosophy is to devote our technology gained by photograph industry to our customers. Our dream, raise body temperature by our bath tablet and contribute to health/longevity life, has came true. Our mission is to pursuit as a distributor on health care related business to prevent diseases. We wish all customers to have healthy, pleasant and simple/easy bathing life every day. Thank you for your warm cooperation.

Shigeharu Koboshi
Chief Executive Officer


Company Name HOT ALBUM Tansansen Tablet, Inc.
Chief Executive Officer Shigeharu Koboshi
Head Office Grande Heights Hachioji 3F 1-10 Azuma-cho, Hachioji-shi, Tokyo 192-0082, Japan
phone/fax phone 81-(0)42-649-3480 / fax 81-(0)42-649-3482
Licenses Cosmetics manufacture, November24,2011
Quasi-drug manufacture, March 8,2013

Access to Office

5 minutes walk from JR or Keio Hachioji Station