For beautiful skin and hair


Triple effects of bicarbonate ion,
hydrogen ion and citric acid

The tissues of human skin turn over every 3 months. The skin metabolism works to remove scurf from the surface of skin. Bicarbonate ion washes off only old keratin and makes your skin silky smooth and refresh. Hot Tab provides benefits for skin to be moist without lotion after taking a bath. No shampoo and no soap needed. Hot Tab does not wash out necessary moisturizer. Feel the mildness of bath water since Hydrogen ion makes hot water neutral.


Bicarbonate ion’s benefits without detergents

・gentle touch to skin and hair,
・cleanse dirt and make skin moist.
Dissolution of concentrated bicarbonate ion in bath water washes off mineral dirt and unnecessary sebum on skin and hair.
Please rinse lightly with fresh hot water and use hair conditioner after hair wash for silky smooth hair.