Frequently Asked Questions – Usage of HOT Tab

How can I use HOT Tab?

HOT Tab is the world first bath tablet for bathing, washing hair, facial wash and shower. It is safe and good for health for both skin and hair, moreover, it does not sting eyes. To use at home, we suggest you to put 5 tablets into a regular size bath tub, 1 tablet for facial and foot bath in a washing bowl. 1 tablet for 40L is recommended. * A regular bath tub is approx. 200L.

How can I use for taking a shower?

Please put 1 tablet into our exclusive shower head or marketed shower head which has an open-closing screw. You can enjoy shower time with micro bubbles of bicarbonate. Melting time of HOT Tab with our exclusive shower head is 10min. It allows you to enjoy shower time and to save water. But other marketed shower heads may make HOT Tab  melt in only 4 or 5 min.

How can I wash my hair with your exclusive shower head?

First, please rinse your hair without HOT Tab, then open the shower head and put 1 tablet into it. Wash your hair and body with approx. 5L/min weak water stream. You can see the melting condition with transparent part of the shower head. After washing your hair, please use hair conditioner.

Why HOT Tab makes hair and scalp smooth and silky?

No shampoo needed when you wash your hair and scalp with HOT Tab. The triple effects of hydrogen bicarbonate ion, hydrogen ion and citric acid wash off mineral dirt and silicon dirt clogged in pore spot. It is effective on resilient and volume touch of hair and reduce odor. Bicarbonate ion changes Keratin surface to negative ion. After washing hair, please use hair conditioner to refresh keratin surface shiny and smooth. No need chemical detergents which may cause damage to skin and hair.

At the beauty salon, how can we give scalp cleansing to the customers?

Put 1 tablet into shower head. Tablet dissolves in warm shower water and cleanses hair and scalp thoroughly. After washing, rinse well with warm water, complete with hair conditioner. Please feel its effect on volume touch and resilience of the hair.

Can I reuse used bath water for laundry?

You can reuse it for laundry. We recommend you to use fresh water for rinsing.

Can I reuse used bath water to wash for pets?

It is suitable for washing pets. When you wash your pets with fresh warm water, please dissolve 1 HOT Tab into a wash tub with 40L warm water. Your pet will amazingly have a glossy coat.

Is it safe if my dog drink a warm water with HOT Tab ?

It is harmless.

How can I take a bath with HOT Tab? Are there any ideal temperature and duration for a bath?

Please take a bath with warm water over 15 min. Ideal temperature in summer time is 38-39℃ and in winter is 39-40℃. Well-known Nagayu Onsen spring in Oita prefecture was named because warm and longer bath would be the best way to take carbonated spring. “Nagayu” means long bath. Too hot water exceed 42℃ is not adequate, hot and short bath is inadvisable considering for immune.

According to the instruction, ideal duration for a bath is between 15 to 20 min. Is this the total bathing time of in and out from bath tub or the duration of soaking in tub?

It does not matter whether you take in and out of bath tub or soak in tub for 15 min. in total.  All bathing as full-bath, foot bath and hip bath are available. Full soaking bath is the best way.  Please try longer bath.

Is there a burden on heart if I take a long bath?

It is said less burden on heart is the feature of carbonated bath.

Is it worth taking a bath in hot and sweat pouring summer?

Yes. Especially in summer, please take a long bath with lukewarm or cold water or used bath water several times a day. As if you are in esthetic salon, HOT Tab bath gently treats and heals your whole body, damaged skin and hair, fatigues caused by ultraviolet rays or summer heat or cool air-condition. It also reduces odors of body and sweat.

Is it necessary to keep body warm after HOT Tab bath?

It depends on the seasons. In winter, in order for your body to get a benefit from HOT Tab bath, please wear a gown or going to bed sooner. In summer, you can enjoy the coolness wearing summer light wear after bath.

Will it cause damage if I use soap and body shampoo though it is said that they are unnecessary to use with HOT Tab? Will our body be defenseless because of the strong cleanse power?

It is all right to use soap or body shampoo together with HOT Tab. But soap or detergent is the factor of rough skin by reducing moisturizer from the skin layer. According to female users they feel rich and moist without face lotions since HOT Tab removes only mineral dirt and grease and keeps necessary sebum and moisturizer.

I heard HOT Tab would wash off more dirt than normal water. Does it mean we bathe in dirty water if we reheat the bath next day, which remaining the dirt of the previous day?

The beginning use of HOT Tab, bath water become dirty of removed keratin. In the case of a big family, the bath may give an impression of muddy. HOT Tab has a strong natural cleanse power without soap and detergent. Please continue to use HOT Tab for several days to one week, no more dirt at all. Please see and decide the dirt condition of bath water when you bathe.

Will our keratin remain if we wash our body with soap everyday?

HOT Tab removes only unnecessary old keratin with the natural cleansing power of bicarbonate and citric acid. Regular soaps get rid of only grease dirt and do not remove old keratin or scurf. A lot of old tissues as keratin comes out from the skin everyday since the human body except bones turns over every three months.

Why hair become smooth, rich and luxuriant? Why skin become soft and smooth? How does HOT Tab reduce odor?

HOT Tab washes off the mineral dirt on hair root, surface of keratin and old tissues but keeps moisturizer. Negative ion makes the surface of tissues shiny. The stiffness, volume touch of hair and silky touch of the skin are gained by bicarbonate ion and hydrogen ion.

What is the mineral dirt?

Hair is called the excretory organ.  The source of odor from body or hair is the rotten fat adhered to minerals from hair. None of chemical detergents and shampoo could cleanse the mineral dirt until now. HOT Tab reduces mineral dirt from hair roots and body odor.

There are various types of hair conditioner. I am confused which one to use. Are there any standard values or information for the right product’s name of hair conditioner or its components name?

Any hair conditioner is suitable. The component of conditioner is basically cation which leads keratin surface to neutral from the negative ion reacted by bicarbonate. It is not necessary to choose the kinds of conditioner only if it includes cation.

How is it effective on head spa?

HOT Tab does not give a damage to hair and scalp after hair dye. Please put 1 tablet into our exclusive shower head then massage tender and wash. If you do not use a shower, please put 1 or 1/2 tablet into warm water in shampoo bowl, let the tablet melt well and wash then finish with conditioner.