Frequently Asked Questions – About carbonated spring and bicarbonate

What is the difference between regular hot water and carbonated spring?

Carbonated spring is a hot water with carbon dioxide (CO2) dissolved.

What is the difference between carbon dioxide and bicarbonate ion? Are there enough concentration of carbon dioxide in HOT Tab to warm up body?

There is very few carbon dioxide in HOT Tab. Generated carbon dioxide is quickly changed to bicarbonate ion and dissolved in hot water. HOT Tab is not acid like carbonated spring, it is a bathing tablet of neutral PH as same as blood. The important thing is that bicarbonate ion is easy to melt into water.

Will carbonate gas of HOT Tab scatter into the air like carbonated drinks?

Carbonic gas melts only 1.05g (1050ppm) /1L in hot water. The gas easily scatter into the air and will be gone since it is still acid after the solution as same as carbonate drinks. Carbonate acid bath additives on market have not effect after the bubbles disappeared. On the other hand, Hot Tab’s effects remain for 24 hours.

Is it true that there are no effects if the bubbles of carbon dioxide do not fully stick to skin?

When the bubbles stick to skin, it means it is a supersaturation, no more soluble. If we dissolve carbon dioxide in supersaturation condition, it does not change to bicarbonate ion since carbon dioxide is an acid. The bubbles is not important to give effects.

There is a carbonated bath in my neighboring spa. Does artificial carbonated spring have similar effects as bicarbonate ion spring?

There are only 3 natural carbonated springs in Japan. The huge and expensive equipments have developed to produce artificial carbonated spring for bathhouses and spa. Carbonic dioxide is an acid, scatter into air easily and would not change to bicarbonate ion. On the other hand, neutral bicarbonate ion remains its effect.

Why hair and skin did not smooth and warm used powder sodium bicarbonate and citric acid?

If you let sodium bicarbonate and citric acid melt into hot water, they dissolve only on the surface with bubbles and scatter into air. On the other hand, HOT Tab with the technology of Hard Tablet, it sinks at the bottom until dissolve thoroughly to generate micro carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide become neutral and change to bicarbonate ion. When it changes, citric acid helps bicarbonate ion.

Is it still effective if I break HOT Tab into small pieces?

No, it is not. HOT Tab is effective under its high hardness condition. The hard tablet bubbles micro carbon dioxide and the bubbles do not scatter into the air, then change to bicarbonate ion to dissolve well in water as a effective component.

Why HOT Tab reduce chlorine and makes hot water mild?

When carbon dioxide dissolves and changes to bicarbonate ion, hydrogen is evolved. The reducibility of hydrogen makes Hot Tub neutral and reduces chlorine from hot water.

Will HOT Tab cause a damage to bath tub?

HOT Tab is neutral and it does not include any components to damage a bath tub. But we do not guarantee for the bathtub. Please consult with bath tab companies.

Why HOT Tab cleanse the bath tub only with water?

HOT Tab has a power to reduce the mineral dirt from skin and hair. With the same reason, it also removes the mineral dirt such as magnesium and calcium in the water.

Is HOT Tab available for 24 hour circulating bath and whirlpool bath?

HOT Tab is neutral and different from other salts or sulfur bath additives. There are no accident reports after release though we do not guarantee to all bath tubs. Please consult with bath tub companies.