Frequently Asked Questions – Others

What is Polyethylene glycol? Is it a surfactant?

Polyethylene glycol (PEG6000) is a necessary trace constituent to mold a tablet. PEG6000 used for the bath additives on most markets are safe and harmless neutral polymer for human body.

Other bath additives give a caution” may irritate eyes and wash well.”.
How about HOT Tab?

HOT Tab is composed of food grade sodium bicarbonate, citric acid ,PEG#6000 and Capri Lil Sulfonic acid. It is safe and harmless to take a shower from head to whole body even if it gets into eyes. It is suitable for infants and baby.

Other bath additives are added of colors and scent for healing. Why HOT Tab is colorless and fragrance free?

Fragrance is not recommended because favorite scent of adults may excite infants and babies intensely. Artificial colors also may stimulate skin. HOT Tab delights consumers who take bath with small children and babies.