The world first bicarbonate bathing tablet for warming body, facial, washing hair and all of family members enjoy many times for 24 hours.

Sparkling Hot Tab is the world first super hard tablet of sodium bicarbonate with citric acid which generates the carbon dioxide in neutral status then change into bicarbonate ion in order to be absorbed easily into blood vessel. It was commercialized as complete bicarbonate bath additive which has a good compatibility with skin and its effect on health and beauty last for 24 hours.



Sparkling Hot Tab (bicarbonate tablet)

Ingriedients: sodium bicarbonate, sodium carbonate, citric acid, PEG6000, Capri Lil Sulfonic acid


Bicarbonate Sparkling Shower (Exclusive Shower Head for Sparkling Hot Tab)

Shower esthetic with micro bubble by exclusive shower head using Sparkling Hot Tab.

How to use Hot Tab


Take a bath For beautiful and moist skin

Put 5 tablets into warm bath water (39-40℃). Relax and soak in a tub for 15 min. or more.


For facial

Put 1 tablet in washing bowl and feel the smooth and silky skin.


For foot bath

Put 1 tablet in bigger washing bowl with warm water. Prevent from coldness, reducing swelling legs


Shower for head scalp cleansing

Put 1 tablet into shower head. Tablet dissolves in warm shower water and cleanses hair and scalp thoroughly. Use hair conditioner after washing hair is recommendable. Experience shiny hair.